TOGO Media references a wide variety of resources in its research and work with clients. Please find below links to some of our most commonly requested. We hope you find them useful. Because of the large amount of information each of resources, below, includes, please think of this page as a guide, or "table of contents" to quickly find and link to the information you are searching for.

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  • Industry News
    Up-to-the-Minute Industry News

    TOGO Media follows literally hundreds of daily news feeds, blogs and twitter accounts. Information inferred from these data is aggregated and carefully searched for inconsistency resulting from subjective interpretation and inaccurate information. It is then meticulously tracked backward to identify it's root source before it is finally considered for its strategic implication by TOGO Media.

    Please click HERE to visit TOGO Media's industry industry News Feeds page.
  • Index of Social Websites
    Social Media Website Directory

    There exist literally thousands of Social Media resources throughout the web. Many, such as FaceBook, Twitter and Linked-in (to name just a few) have quickly found their way into common language throughout the world. Nonetheless, there are many others as well as new sites and tools created almost daily.

    TOGO Media offers the following list of, perhaps, the most well know social sites from the internet. While this list is by no means complete, we believe it can serve an an effective and useful starting point for any person or organization interest in the digital social space.

    Click HERE to visit TOGO Media's complete list of Social Media resources and links.
  • Glosseries
    Glossery Reference Guides

    Digital Marketing and the Social Web have ushered in a wide variety of new terms and jargon. Unlike past technologies, however, this new vocabulary has, no doubt as the result of the social nature of the technology itself, very quickly become integrated into the common language of the masses.

    To assist our new clients and interested individuals in decoding this jargon, TOGO Media offers the following glossaries of the most common social media terms as well as some of the more sophisticated terms we use in our high-level analysis for our clients.

    Our glossary reference is broken down by major social sites to help our clients quickly target the correct terms along with their meaning.

    Click HERE to visit TOGO Media's glossary reference guides.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    At TOGO Media, we LOVE questions! Here are the answers to at least some of the questions we are most frequently asked. A form is also provided should you not be able to immediately find the answers you are looking for.

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